Lenten Readings 2022

What should be your objective during Holy Week?

Well for each individual it should be a personal spiritual journey to identify with Christ as He moves toward the cross at Calvary.  We as Christians must walk that narrow road not just Holy Week but every day of our lives.  We must in the midst of life’s circumstances, good and bad, trying and triumphant, die to self and the flesh and choose life in Christ.  What does this mean? Well, it means that with each thought, with each word, with each decision, with each action, we should live for God and God alone.  It is a narrow road that each of us must walk alone.  In our innermost being, we must be intentional in our decision about how we will live.  We must say in our hearts and in our souls not my will but thy will O Lord.   This is why the scripture says that God judges the heart.  He looks at our intentions and our heart.   Daily, we need to examine our intentions and our hearts.  We know when our intentions and hearts are right with God and when they are not.  It is walking that narrow road in our own personal daily life that brings us closer to Christ, closer to God, and closer to being the person we are called to be in Christ.  We have to die to self each day as Christ died to self from birth to the cross.  Each day we are to die a bit more to ourselves and to the demands and temptations of this world in order to grow closer to God and live life abundantly.  So your challenge is to be wholly aware and intentional about what your savior did for you.  It is not just to remember you are saved but to also remind you what you should be doing each day of your life.  Each day of your life should be a holy week experience.  In other words, you should die to self by choice each day in order that you can rise each day in the image of who God wants you to be.  This week surrender more to Him.  Take up your cross (meaning you can’t do everything that your flesh wants to do, you can’t say everything that your flesh wants to say, and that you must take every thought captive to the Word of God) as a follower and believer in Jesus Christ and then anticipate the blessing of being renewed and restored so that you can rejoice in the miracle of Christ and eternal life that God has gifted you with.  

Be Blessed!
– Pastor John R. and First Lady Lorrie Walton

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